Monday, May 21, 2012

its already godly

the courtship of the queen

i owe him my life

dont you ever say it or think it,

“All” ive wanted is your love

its Truth

sacred love

i know exactly what im going to write on the first page...

girls are going to hate us 

the return of courtly love

i need to bring it back while i write this so people can understand how ive made my love immortal

the death of the madness

i must say i was being irrational..
even is she was dating someone what was i going to say...

i killed him because i love you...

how was that going to help?

note to self

pick up something at walmart to make cob webs


mortals running my planet

its beyond depressing

coolest day ever

the arrival of the lord...

also the scariest day ever

youuuu insectsssssss

more mom stuff

just transalchemy i need a backstage 

After the faimily is brought back to Truth

i dont my time map is massive ... i need...

i need more time on the opus then what i get now

once her mom reads enough of it

i can hone in on her archetype.. and begin refining her soul

dont just show your mom

makes sure she reads it... this way we can wake her up together and save her life... my mother is damn near hopeless... but well wake the family up first...

its important

its okay to show your mom

i promise to behave while i write the letter

Free sex

the whole package women.. lmao

,cocoa puffs leave the mortals alone

i will once they give our planet

Corn flakes and cocoa puffs still cracks me up

no one has to get hurt


if he turns to be the real deal we are all

bla bla bla bla....

im trying seriously am

It's horrible !

I can't deny "Truth" 

welcome to what?

"Truth" ? 

Im a spoiled brat

only because you haven't seen me in thousand of years! 

New heaven new earth!

Booting Gg

godly perspective

why rule dirt when you can rule the Godhead of the Cosmos! 

it is corn flakes and cocoa puffs write now!

But .... its the most out of this world blogging... people dont give props at "All" 

Ive never written one of this publicly

so it's scary! 

world karma world anything!


"i ame... gg

something i Haven't done in a while

{Source} increase world peace
{key} Gg

not hurting anyone!

staying in bliss! 

Talking directly to God on my pc

and the insects... ... sigh! 

i dont even care anymore !

corn flakes and cocoa puffs~ :"D

Beyond Prodigy... People Please Understand My life path!

chrysopoeia @ 29
Bodhi @ 31

King @ ?? 

Documenting my own enlightenment

"I am" actually yawning! 

damn it's beautiful

but girls are going to hate me! Grrrr

But it's God's will

it's horrible!

writing this girl a letter !

is going to make .... bro ... i don't kow... I might have to get a girlfriend that is new to the internet! 

Girls are going to hate me

thats my biggest fear with this letter! 

That women castle can wait

I have an empire to plan... seriously... thats the worst part... look..

people "I am" immortal.. and by default... it's harder on me then you! trust! 

My takeover of the planet is going to be soo godly

It has to be!

your first modern Pharaohs 

How can you reach enlightenment

If God is not real... and to reach it you needed the Dharma.. The {SourcE} ...


let me kill them!
{Queen} I said manners nothing about life and death!
{king} Interesting

Die you ignorant mortal! 

God made me the perfect stereotype

If it was any other person telling God is real... Grrr

Your buddha is worthless to you people!

Wow... ... wow.. I have to do what I have to do... I have to! 

God is 100% F*** REAL

It's really important! 

Stay in bliss

Don't hurt anyone! 

Beyond fact!

God is Eternal!

GRRRR om lorrrddd

God is real for A Fact!

People .. this is super important! 

It's beyond eternal

It's "Truth"

Yes... God.. the Dragon... it's there bro!! for a FACT~ 

But we do have a problem

God is the {Source} of it "All" 

people scare me when they believe in me!


Yes "I am" merging with the {Source} of your cosmos ... but... I don't know... just... I don't know! 

The law is eternal!

Bro... this is beyond a golden ticket! 


Why do i have to come down for this ... it breaks my heart... I cry day and night and it's "Truth" 

The law is eternal

I graduate! officially ...

from mortality! 

Why is the Law Eternal?

God is and always will be the {Source} of our cosmos! 

My eternal life is beyond set in {Stone}

The law is Eternal! 

Eternal life

By myself is scary! 

she is not going to die


My only concern

Unify .... that Women!


Don't worry I will get us Gold medals

Even if I have to kill every *****

{Queen} you promised
{King} I didQ 

chrysopoeia @ 29

No {ONE} on earth can touch this! 

Lifetime achievements

chrysopoeia @ 29
Bodhi @ 31

King @ ?? 

It's horrible that I found the stone!

"I am" supposed to be your king now... it's .. but "I am" {ONE} with {God}

it's been a while... but it will done by the book

I love to pretend

God is not real too... .. I need tooo.. it's complicated




memoirs of your messiah

it's beyond confirmed "I am" your thief {ONE} with God... people... omg .. people! 

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