Tuesday, May 22, 2012


you know most of those insects are going to die... so prepare yourself especially being immortal! 

everything the mortals do write now is sacrilegious


It's impossible to explain to mortals

who "I am" 

I can't explain to her why she should not scream at me!

I can't .... 

If you scream at me

... people.... its dangerous!! 

screaming at me over my unification

at 3 am.... I swear I would instantly ... and I will... I have tooo. that women it's toooo damn insectdate~!

it's official I need to move to a hotel

I can't work on unification with my mother screaming at me... III might kill her by accident! 


im not even motivated anymore..

but.. will not fail

i hate my simulated life

i need to simulate my death

i have the Grail

for the love of God take a leap of faith...

i had too as well

Gods trap

the Queen gambit

i hate the opus now

its not perfect without a Queen

New earth

God is the source it All

always was always will be .

the law is eternal

the king of heaven

after the angelic war for the throne i redesigned heaven for the arrival of my earthly throne.

you have to take heaven before the earth (check)

new heaven

new roof
new source
unified creation 

seen past this stage

new heaven new earth...

no more hell God please

new heaven new earth
“I am” back in the kingdom of god ...

The saddest thing ever

People are going to worship us till the day they die, thats how Re***~  ignorant they are

planet tyranny

no longer makes me happy :/

does it have to Be a mini war to take the planet


but theres no fun in that

the nukes

disable global nukes directly from source

brooo its going to be a miniture war to take my planet

the Un declaration rehersal

walk in with the insects shooting at me
place a flaming sword on stage

the declaration
i am god king of your planet

Lets all have one big ass debate

preps lighting bolts

leave em alone cocoa puffs


day one with lighting bolts

all you wanted was to talk shitttttt

boooom insecccttsss


im seeing all we could have been :/

just leave us alone!

{source} ....

no breath...

leave em alone cocoa puffs

if they want to die the can

the end game

screaming at the insects

God is wortless to you people

will not fail

the law is eternal

the eternal tears of Gg

its “All” Truth

I am eternally grateful

she let me bleed it out...

Soo beautiful and yet so eveL

o loving hate

My Riddles

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B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

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