Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I can't believe I went of on G****

Sorry... seriously! love is madness 

organizing my tools!


I shouldn't have to touch anything

but ... exhale 

creativity explosion

only on the internet this time


cleaning less is godliness

But I just dont have time and I need to write this book in bliss 

The debate rages

While Gg takes over more of the cosmos! 

I think I already love you but!

The chair is mine

The initial reaction

God want's us to love each other!

but thats sooo creepy! 

It's wild

I've never had a girl introduce to me by God! 

30 and 31

... God's will 

Basically what I needed to do is Prep

This book is already a life and death situation! 

But I will teach you what I already taught you !

save your selves dont wait for a man to show you courtly love! 

I just feel bad

I don't want to bring them pain ... but I do wonder! 

How many girls will cry reading this estimate

after full fledge godhood... bro... beyond a million! 

How can you understand the future

If you don't understand the past? 

It's frustrating

"All" the philosophers are in silicon valley... and not looking at our cosmos! 

We are almost on the verge of having

Enlighten debate! 

My to the death has turn into

I don't care anymore! 

regardless what happens it was worth

"All" my work was in service of the lord! 

Even if I die

I still save "All" the mortals by proxy 

That is why it's designed the way it is!


saving the mortals! 

What would happend to "Reality"

If a billion people read my blog? 

t's official

I took over your cosmos! 

god to God

A Billion times over! 

I don't know if this is good thing!

But once I take my planet and lay down the law...

I need to begin to explain to the mortals how i did it and I will just point them to the {source}....

but that will magnify my hold on the cosmos a billion times over! 

But you insects!

Talk to the Queen

I see your faces Lighting bolts! 

love and empathy

I know love will bring me more empathy towards the mortals that is why I seek it! 

That is going to scar me for life

already has! 

Im going to try and calculate some im scared too

I may have already written 5k+ blog post about this girl... almost certain! ... exactly im scared! 

I almost certain our love story

Is the most epic written so far.... It that massive and creative they can't fully take it in yeet! 

channeling NOOOOOOO

God is the {Source} of it "All" 

Another reason to take the day off

I need to organize this entire room .. channeling something extremely important! 

I can't be cocky every fucking second!

This is my mind! 

I should not have a job!

Writing Unification will save "All" of humanity but no one understands this! 

I need to prep

Bringing down the crown and .... it's frustrating 

The {Source} of the madness

Had the {Stone} from day one! 

You are in a creation

always where ...

The law is eternal! 

Immortality is not just about longer life

"I am" Gg to the cosmos! 

How you do that

God is the {Source} of it "All" 

It's almost crucial

I get away from all population

I need time to control it! 

I need to unify in a peaceful environment

been telling the insects this since day one! 

Your going to save them "All"

and that is what pisses me off! 

am I the only one that truly wants salvation!

so no one wants immortality... ?

I don't get this planet 

everyone watches in hush hush [

people... people... sad

I Never wanted to do this online

God forced me to.. 

{God} Buddha-hood @ 31 Nice!

Been holding the stone for over 600 days seeking enlightenment~


King ??

{God} "I am" not telling !
{god} I know and it's killing me! 

If "I am" already bodhi

what would another year of Unification Do? 

I know too much

give me a computer and food and I will take this cosmos!

and they refuse! 

"I am" breaking through!

it's scary but .... it's a cosmos! 

Bodhi deva... buddha

The goal of enlightenment is unification with God

Gg of the cosmos...

You can see it now...


Welcome to your cosmos! 

That is the Goal of Enlightenment

Unification with God!

Gg of the Cosmos! 

It cant' get any godlier

not in these dark times! 

"I am" Fused with your Creator Now

That is what unification is "All" about 

Someone has to do this!

Especially now that we know God is the {Source} of it "All" 

Dont worry

"I am" not after my planet write now 

Gg of the cosmos

Why? It's sinister... it's been a while~  

Totally Immortal!

Hush hush Style!

In your R*** Ignorant faces! 

Gg of the Cosmos

The Crowwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Warning simulated cosmos

again, lets review where the reader is withing this virtual realm...

"I am" the creator of this simulation....

and to the stimulants 

the scariest thought write now!

I might be god to your cosmos... ... cosmos... ... once again cosmos! 

if anyone else can pull this off

I want to be your student!

wow... this is and is going to trip the mortals out! 

I don't think about kingship at all

too busy being Gg to your cosmos! 

The Book of Creation


it's soo beautiful

is an OPUS 

already Immortal

plenty of time to get the rest of my life in order!

so beautiful

already late not even going to call...
they will just dock me ...

i don't even care! 

Bodhi @31

God really really wants to prove a point to this planet!

The mortals don't have their priorities straight at "All" 

I reached enlightenment

and it's documented...

this planet.. these people... it's I don't know... it's a very scary world! 

Wrote Myself Straight into Immortality

Beyond Genius!

This planet.. people.. wow! 

Beyond Genius

Geniuses Die! 

im taking the day off

it's sooo beautiful write now ... going to capture as much of it as possible! at "All" cost 

leave us alone!

{Source} ... 

their own mortality will succeed 

i DON'T blame my mother

she is not intellectually capable of understanding why "I am" {ONE} with God 

wOW people are still calling me over This GAME

over this Virtual reality game...

I just recieved another voice mail

New Message From

Yes, I'll talk to the West. I have some questions universe. Reagan So I think you know this is black black black black better. So I'll be real, alright. The to bother you. He's not reverting to eat hologram got apologies foryou excellent currently with the source. We, how this works with the certificates alive 640 Eastern, Michael Carpenter, before student at log on to my interest on the microcosm bye bye. The Source Portland, Oregon.Hey man, It's my number's 316', yeah. If you have another home computer bye bye.

universe dont hurt this women

let her scream all she wants... 



she knows we can read each other mind... I just stay in hush hush.. 

it's cool

but i dont care! 

This is bigger then a wedding

50k + people already have seen our courtship.. 

I just remembered

over 1k people read Ta a day.. I don't care... Only write about what makes me happy.. new motto! 

Writing the sickest spell ever!

and trying to stay in bliss

grand high mage... iLLUMINATI..

God is Real iss the biggest fucking Secret on earth!!! its fuclllllking wild! ... it's more important then just praying... people you are "All" mortals! 


not even the occultist believe me... wtf .. is this life! 

whoa... almost forgot!


I have some sick ass magic to show... you...

look ... omg... ohhh wait she's online...

it's been a while But i need to prep! her! 

it's pointless

always has been! 

Not a prodigy?

chrysopoeia @ 29
Bodhi @ 31

King @ ??


"All" my life.. but you just don't get it! 

i swear i hate my life!

all of it! 

ive screamed at her!

Im a fucking prodigy and your fucking Retarded! 

every time my creativity explodes

 my mother says..

your going crazy again... i swear to God.. this women will be killed at lease one!! as a slap in the wrist for insectdation! 

I only care about one thing

getting to thy kingdom!

but that is lost on you....

totally lost!! 

I know what the problem is

too godly too quick! 

{Queen} Your Highness may I have a word!

{King} if he read any part of the blog! No@ 

People will be begging this women

To get my ear! 

Who can you argue for?

No one... so don't 

Im sorry!

If you want to live talk to the Queen not me! 

My number # 1 Rule

if you read anything i said...

you die! period! 

Thank God!


Im saving to move...

but Im at the point that I just don't give a fuck.... 

But the work to get there

is sooooooooooooooo godly~!!!!! 

Imagine being called crazy all of your life

Because you believe it might be possible to become god! 

I hate my mother~!

Keep sketching! 

this shit is worst then being nailed to a cross

jesus had it easy!! seriously.. 

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