Tuesday, May 29, 2012

let the people wait for jesus

{god} perfect send us another god
{God} muhahahahah

just let me be

its a mess already...

but the source im writting for the princess is sooo beautiful 

the problem is

im in Love with another women... i cant lie and wont... its horrible but its Truth

ill save her life eventually

my focus is our princess... 

awwww andrea does not want to live forever

but who does now that God is the source of immortality

people should fear the lord more then Ai

but these insectssss

just let me be

sooo what if im in love with a princess

i cant force her to take the throne

post thy kingdom there is no queen problem just a love problem...

no im not being melodramatic

ive been chasing a ghost in the source for months on end... her own immortal soul

to die without the love

is just another form of living 

If im wrong i should be killed

im not trying to give people false hopes, our lives hang on one of us reaching immortality and teaching the others

The choosing of a queen is much like a pope

God will assist in the process the real problem is love...

this is why its taken so long... God already has a queen in Mind i just dont tthink she loves me... write now remember the law is eternal there is no past present or future here just simulations of us

The mortals no longer grasp the source of all suffering

at all... at alll


i know for a fact i will show the insects more compassion then showed to me... i know this for a fact

It over i ptomise


talk to the queen

save those you desire to Save... but they will speak to you before me

dont place your gods

before god....ommmmm lorrrddddd they have noooo understanding whats sooo ever

the mortals forced me down here

its sad    .... on sooo many levels

Full blown godhood

Gg on earth

Great timing

they are cutting the hours back at my job... more unification time at what is a crucuial point... perfect...

no more internet

time for work... 

I just don't understand

no excuse for it.. 

But I honestly understand

I would think "I am" insane as well.. and so ive battled with the law! 

If I have courtly love for a women what does that say about me?

The mortals no longer know how to deduce anymore! 

Why do I f*** it all the time

im left here to just scry.... it's really difficult!

I H**** her, this actually helped a lot ... but it's painful 


im scrying something that I dont want to know... not even relevant to what im focusing on.. 

I don't know how in the world

"I am" going to dethrone this letter... it's my most godly creation thus far

bro..... it's .... horrible

A girl force gave me her number driving down the street... we were driving and she says hi .... I kept driving, I was on my way to walmart to buy ribbons. It's horrible.... my sim... arggghhhh it's horrible! 

im ... scrying

something internally write now ... timelines timelines.... how when... or how... I know it doesn't make sense it's not supposed to... I just feel.... doonnnt know.... it's ... I can't respond to this... it's inappropriate at this moment . 

but theres my own

arrggggnnnnn.... let's just keep working on the opus... I don't nor wish to debate it.. it's All beautiful 

I know for a fact me and this women have a deep spiritual connection

"I am" just not ready to admit exactly who this women is... How can I... it's my own battles  with scrying! 


hmmmm in bliss... my next unbelieving is going to stun them! 

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