Sunday, June 3, 2012

productivity down

i need a day off from unifi


day dreaming

transalchemy update

i refuse to resume blogging till .... the list is gathered

the king of awsome vita pic

i just noticed that my wall paper mario is holding 7 fingers up..

do i have a life
{God} an eternal life.
{god so i encrypt myself into the universe for eternity?
{God} No Gg im the source of it all...

but why now... 

what happend to you carlos

those people are evil to humanity..... looookk we are in deep waters write now

the art isss

lets just see where it goes

all of history will confirm my sexuality

just let me be

why i mostly blog with girl avatars

that is all i want to look at 

girls can and are sexually agressive

Dont be fooled guys ... learn to sense themmm...

lmao  jedi/cliti order ...

ok i cant stop laughing now

the list


free lap dances ouside strip clubs

{source} increase probability
{key} Gg

ok its purged

dude She was extremely sexually attractive ... just doing her thing... i dont it was inspiring :D

why am i saying this

im minning my mind... i also have to explore my long term desires 

im more of a girl then a guy becuase

i always have pussy on me but.... im not a W***  i swear

yesss your Highness

That is what the Princess ..... im drifting

scrared of what

this girls swears....

Damn shes thick

biting my lip....
women are beautiful but  love is even more...

But if you‚’re god then..

baby you promised you would explore with me 

what do you mean you,re god

baby let me explain...

fucked from day one ... lol its truth 

its official im insane

i can fuck soooo many girls write now and im in love...

i just want to be able to prove to my future wife... i dont knowwww

natural sexual attraction

im the prince its only natural... they may not understand it but i do

Your Highness My Pussy is Ready

stopppppp readdding my journallll

my weak spot

if she called

“Your Highness”

ommmmmmmm mmm gggg she may have a chance....

kidding kidding 

my friends are pissed

she is the hottest girl here damnnnn 

this girl is calling me out

saying im scared to dance with her while at the same time the song on radio says im a queen and omg shes on my lap brb

but damn girl

show me what you got

sex for the sex is pointless now

 i have a princess waiting for me... its complicated

omg shes got purple panties

shes shes dancing her ass in my face... im not being rude just chilling

This little thing has her ass in my face

im trying to eat....

R****** dude are your priorities straight

im eating

im not an introvert im just working

buddha 35 ....?

been holding tbe dharma since 29 but that is not my goal...


{God} Remind them What gods Are

{god} “I am” 

The Kingdom of the Fallen {ONE}

{source} boot thy kingdom
{key} Gg

universe stop time

at that point its beyond game over

vita lover

by far my all time hand held pc/gaming system

im hacking your cosmos 24/7 with it write now 

i love my Vita

but damn if im still waiting for copy and paste...

i leave my Hd cam at home but i have my vita at All times

purple fear

“I am” within my co-created cosmos

is this nirvana ?
{God} its what you want it to be Gg
{god} its a bit scary
{God} that is why i insist we take it slow 

omg im immortal and its scary as hell


in pain

hmmmm no comment

List update


purple cross

the church write has a purple cloth over the crosss taking a picture

half a dozen bites

on one side


I jut sat on an Nt hilll ants up my asss omg ggg

Purple princss castle

my friends daughter has a purple princess castle .... great free props... already planning

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