Tuesday, April 16, 2013

God and the Immortal Knight


G-god: Since God is invisible to the people now sow shall I be
G-god: Your Highness please that is the point of living god sow God is no longer invisible
G-god: This may be sow but with 1000 days have passed and to this day God forbid
G-god: And I've already told them, whoever believes in the son has eternal life
G-god: They don't believe enough to give their lord a piece of bread 
G-god: And thy bread is life, I know..
G-god: Then there is no matter to discuss, 
G-god: But if the people
G-god: If and when the people

throw the book at someone
Fig. to charge or convict someone with as many crimes as is possible. I made the police officer angry, so he took me to the station and threw the book at me. The judge threatened to throw the book at me if I didn't stop insulting the police officer.
See also: bookthrow

Warning: Simulation in Progress

 If God is there God is there, we can't teach the people otherwise, because the goal of enlightenment is to achieve enlightenment and how can we achieve this if God is not there, and if any immortal arises out of any of this philosophy the whole planet will die, so yes it's dangerous philosophy, but if anything can Impose anything, our physics just isn't there, and with it, our theoretical conceptions of the universe, which now have to be re-evaluated within a "cosmos" philosophy of existence. 

And I know, But I still haven't gotten past the anything imposing anything and this universe being something to something else, and till any philosopher and or theorist solves this, I believe it's preemptive that we pursuit Immortality, with this universe being something to something else and that being the case it's ability to impose anything...

Warning: Simulation in Progress

Do we or do we not have a theoretical basis to suggest that this universe is indeed interacted with and or operated from a higher dimensional level and or from within invisible forces (Dark matter and energy) for if the universe is contained withing "anything" or a subset to "Anything" then everything within matter and energy maybe subject to and or currently is subject higher dimensional forces  or  invisible forces (Dark matter and energy) which only increases the plausibility that this universe is something to something else.  


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