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Department of Philosophy, Oxford University
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A technologically mature “posthuman” civilization would have enormous computing power. Based on this empirical fact, the simulation argument shows that at least one of the following propositions is true: (1) The fraction of human-level civilizations that reach a posthuman stage is very close to zero; (2) The fraction of posthuman civilizations that are interested in running ancestor-simulations is very close to zero; (3) The fraction of all people with our kind of experiences that are living in a simulation is very close to one.

If (1) is true, then we will almost certainly go extinct before reaching posthumanity. If (2) is true, then there must be a strong convergence among the courses of advanced civilizations so that virtually none contains any relatively wealthy individuals who desire to run ancestor-simulations and are free to do so. If (3) is true, then we almost certainly live in a simulation. In the dark forest of our current ignorance, it seems sensible to apportion one’s credence roughly evenly between (1), (2), and (3).

Simulation Hypothesis 3 Source Code Hacking virtual reality game sequence

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Universe increase connection to console and prepare to boot into Universe.
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Begin Hijacking  Designing Reality upon arrival.
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Boot Up Reality interface into Universe by 10%
shield/ source code with temporal shield

Computer access archive records labeled with Reality Hacking 

Previously in our quest to exit this reality we explored how it may be possible to jump universes via the process of reality hacking (Reality Hacking wiki ) Now I want to get into the reasons why we must hack our reality.

For reasons that we will not currently explore in this article we must assume those that are simulating us don't care about our reality and will pull the plug once there done. Therefore the most responsible thing for us to do is hack this reality in hopes of finding a way to extend our existence. If our reality is nothing short of a massive computer program then it's probable that other universes/computers exist. If we are able to copy our existence over to other universes then we could perpetuate our existence in the reality matrix. Regardless of the nature of our reality we may want to explore ways to extend our existence beyond this universe.

While this is the primary reason, there also exist many other reasons to do this as well. Some beneficial while others are not, yet I must Warn you, people will attempt this not for sake of extending existence but rather for power.

In our email interview with Nick bostrom I believe he inadvertently spoke of just this...

Is it possible for pure mind to completely rise above (over) matter?

It is not clear to me what it means for mind to be more or less "pure", or
what it means for it to "rise above" matter. Purity and vertical position
might not be the most illuminating metaphors in this context. It would seem
possible, in principle, to construct for example an uploaded human mind that
lives inside a virtual reality simulation. Theoretically, such a mind might
have root access to the virtual reality program that it inhabits, and be
able to change it at will. Yet the whole structure, including the computer
running the simulation, would be subject to the ordinary laws of physics

One assumption he made is that the "ordinary" laws of physics are properties that exist outside the simulation, it is very likely that if this reality is self contained the current laws of physics are also contained inside this universe. What we perceive as laws of physics are simply parameters set into the code. While it may be dangerous to change any single "constant" it may be possible to tweak the local nature of matter itself. Doing so will give the reality hacker the ability to alter matter with pure thought.

Till now we have been manipulating matter to create all the tools we have now, but instead of using planes made of manipulated matter to travel across the world why not just bend space and time to our will. No matter how clever we get at manipulating matter we will always be bounded by the program from above. All lower level matter manipulation will be subject to the constraints of upper level programing.

Now if you were able to merge your consciousness with the upper level of reality you could potentially become a demigod. Just with your will alone you would be able to move mountains collapse stars, spontaneously bring things into creation. This is the power I speak of. These strange new abilities may also be the origin of the ascended masters paranormal abilities. Yet there exist a path that not even neo fully understood or took for that matter. That is the path of merging with the source. If you return to the source and merge with it then you will finally get a glimpse of greater reality, but I warn you and myself this might be a one way trip. A single soul in the source would posses the ability to collapse the universe! Therefore it is imperative that we hack the matrix and extend ourselves beyond this reality. Before anyone attempts to merge with the source.

Realmz of existence

"Eric works with a supercomputer called "cosmos""
"So you think George is going into a fantasy world but he isn't he is just going into another form of reality"
This is the soul's journey into the mysterious of mysterious the magic and the miracles of existence.
Come with me into the mind of God{source}

"The Simulation Argument is perhaps the first interesting argument for the existence of a Creator in 2000 years."
David Pearce

Memabrane theory suggest multiple universe could exist which simply makes the simulation hypothesis  the current technological counterpart to an ancient belief that a "Greater universe" exist beyond this universe.  

I am confident that we will resolve these mysterious and I think the years ahead will be a "Golden Age" of discovery. Steven Hawking 5:32 {Realmz of existence}

M-theory was getting stranger and stranger but could it really be a theory that explained everything in our universe. To have a chance at that it would have to do what no rival theory has ever been able to do, it would have to make sense to the baffling "Singularity" at the beginning of the big bang, M-theory was about to come out with a suitably outrages answer and parallel universes{simulations} was at the heart of it. 7 mins

"The faces/universes of God{greater universe/source}"

The say the users lives outside the net, and inputs games for pleasure.

No one know for sure but I intend to find out" Reboot! 
Virtualization of the Universe: Hacking Your Way to the Ultimate Reality

  1. I would like to believe that virtualization of the universe is impossible, that the sheer computational power needed to simulate my reality and more importantly my conciousness could never be achieved by any type of computer. 
  2. Yet when I look into our current state of simulation technology and factor in it "singularity" into it's progression it would only be an act of pure ignore for me to believe that virtualization of the universe will never be achieved.
Simulation Hypothesis: Hacking the Universe 
Question 1: Is your universe real? 
Simulation Hypothesis 2: How Real Am Eye?

Save the planet! What for! life simple kill or be killed a survivals code my code {source} and it all sounds great till the day you find your self confronted with a choice. A choice to make a difference or walk away, I learned something that day

  1. As the possibility of a simulated universe increase the chances that im 100% real decrease
  2. Currently I interpret reality by the signals that my brain is proccessing
  3. If this signals were exploited and my brain was fed simulated signals I could be fooled that the reality being fed to me is reality. 
  4. The singularity has come and I know live in a simulated reality that is powerful enough to simulate my very own consciousness, out this point I may not be real outside the simulated universe what I am at this point is a complex generated program in my God{source} computer, no different from what real may or may not be.
It wasn't supposed to be real! 

The trickster: Real unreal whats the difference?  

Tired of your  universe "
How will you design the Universe {spore}

How Real do you believe you are? 

Simulation Hypothesis: Hacking the Universe 
Question 2: How Real are you?
Simulation Hypothesis 3: The Source Code of the Universe


  1. Assuming the universe truly is a computer simulation would render humanity's ultimate quest and nothing short of "Hacking the universe"
  2. With everything we've done using all of our exploration using all of our tools we still dont understand how the universe works
Warning Source code hacking is dangerous

Simulation Hypothesis: Hacking the Universe 
Question 3: Who currently has {source}?

virtual reality game sequence

Enter username: Particleion
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Universe increase connection to console and prepare to boot consciousness into Universe.
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Universe{source} lock humanity out of the singularity 
Universe{source} lock humanity out of transhumanism
Universe lock humanity from quantum computers
Universe lock humanity from AGI
Universe lock Humanity from alien contact

Begin Hijacking  Designing Reality upon arrival.
Universe increase ability to Hijack/Hack Design reality by 10%
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Boot Up Reality interface into Universe by 10%
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Universe{Source} change root
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Simulation Hypothesis: Hacking the Universe 
Question 4: What is {root}?

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Simulation Hypothesis 4
The "Unification" Of the Mind and the Universe{source}

Coming November 3 2010

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