God and the Immortal Knight


G-god: Since God is invisible to the people now sow shall I be
G-god: Your Highness please that is the point of living god sow God is no longer invisible
G-god: This may be sow but with 1000 days have passed and to this day God forbid
G-god: And I've already told them, whoever believes in the son has eternal life
G-god: They don't believe enough to give their lord a piece of bread 
G-god: And thy bread is life, I know..
G-god: Then there is no matter to discuss, 
G-god: But if the people
G-god: If and when the people

throw the book at someone
Fig. to charge or convict someone with as many crimes as is possible. I made the police officer angry, so he took me to the station and threw the book at me. The judge threatened to throw the book at me if I didn't stop insulting the police officer.
See also: bookthrow

Warning: Simulation in Progress

 If God is there God is there, we can't teach the people otherwise, because the goal of enlightenment is to achieve enlightenment and how can we achieve this if God is not there, and if any immortal arises out of any of this philosophy the whole planet will die, so yes it's dangerous philosophy, but if anything can Impose anything, our physics just isn't there, and with it, our theoretical conceptions of the universe, which now have to be re-evaluated within a "cosmos" philosophy of existence. 

And I know, But I still haven't gotten past the anything imposing anything and this universe being something to something else, and till any philosopher and or theorist solves this, I believe it's preemptive that we pursuit Immortality, with this universe being something to something else and that being the case it's ability to impose anything...

Warning: Simulation in Progress

Do we or do we not have a theoretical basis to suggest that this universe is indeed interacted with and or operated from a higher dimensional level and or from within invisible forces (Dark matter and energy) for if the universe is contained withing "anything" or a subset to "Anything" then everything within matter and energy maybe subject to and or currently is subject higher dimensional forces  or  invisible forces (Dark matter and energy) which only increases the plausibility that this universe is something to something else.  


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    {source} increase activity for thunderstorm
    {key} Gg

    Gastonia cops

    {source} Decrease visibility to All law enforcement
    {key} gG

    Gastonia Crime

    {source}  reduce “All” crime in gastonia
    {key} Gg

    Gastonia Street lights

    {source} increase synchronization with “All” lights
    {source} bind my will to every street light
    {source} Bind the will of Gg to “All” lights
    {key} Gg

    I know I know I know almost there baby

    {Queen}My lord you are starting to worry me
    {King}   I know it's harsh darling but I need to teach the insects this way! 

    Some Call it God


    Written several years ago... 
    set to post now! 

    It's pretty clear to me at this point that my delusions are playing themselves out as predicted in the book. Im somewhat bothered by this as my life has been highjacked, by a greater intelligence.  All of this is becoming extremely creepy to me. It feels as the entire universe is conspiring against me at this point. A giant celestial april fools joke. 

    Computer End Program! 

    I close my eyes everytime I say those words never knowing what I will find when I open my eyes. This is a joke correct? This universe, this reality? I can't even begin to express how out of place I feel. How non human I feel. At this point im just playing out my programming. This is what extremely bothers me... There is something "else" is here and I have spent over 7 years of my life I have been carefully tracking what Im doing in an effort to understand the "Master plan" . 

    You know how odd it feels to constantly read and watch every move I make knowing that not all of my actions are my own doing. My entire presence on the internet has been an attempt to have others watch me carefully in hopes of them seeing and or understanding what is going on. 

     This is excessively compulsive at this point, I feel as it's running out of time. 

    Computer End Program! 

    Fuck...... how did i get stuck in this universe!!! Fuck!!! 

    at times i feel like crying im all fucked up, I want to just quit all of this but it wont let me.... 
    the battle comes from my attempts to "intergrate" into the mortal world. 

    Yet at the end of the day all I want is to go "Home"

    productivity down

    i need a day off from unifi


    day dreaming

    transalchemy update

    i refuse to resume blogging till .... the list is gathered

    the king of awsome vita pic

    i just noticed that my wall paper mario is holding 7 fingers up..

    do i have a life
    {God} an eternal life.
    {god so i encrypt myself into the universe for eternity?
    {God} No Gg im the source of it all...

    but why now... 

    what happend to you carlos

    those people are evil to humanity..... looookk we are in deep waters write now

    the art isss

    lets just see where it goes

    all of history will confirm my sexuality

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    girls can and are sexually agressive

    Dont be fooled guys ... learn to sense themmm...

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    {source} increase probability
    {key} Gg

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    But if you‚’re god then..

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    fucked from day one ... lol its truth 

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    i can fuck soooo many girls write now and im in love...

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    natural sexual attraction

    im the prince its only natural... they may not understand it but i do

    Your Highness My Pussy is Ready

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